Fujiaire(M) Sdn, Bhd.. was formed in 1994 by a team of technical and marketing experts from the air conditioning industry in Malaysia. The common goal was to develop a line of technologically advanced and innovative air conditioning systems.

Fujiaire has since pioneered several breakthroughs in air conditioning systems. In 1996, it introduced the innovative ionizer technology. And in 2003, Fujiaire launched a line of cutting-edge air conditioners with UV air sterilizers.

From residential air conditioners to commercial air conditioners, there is now a full product range. Fujiaire’s reputation as global market players has earned it a wide clientele from 20 countries including Australia, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Hong Kong, China, Brunei, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Fujiaire’s global expertise and commitment in research and development enhances its position as a developer of high quality, technologically advanced air conditioning products.

“Your World made cooler“