Fire Alarm System 

It is essential when choosing a fire alarm, that the type of system you select is one that is well suited to your company needs.

With many types of fire alarm systems available, different methods of fire detection, legislation to comply with and British Standards to meet the whole process can be overwhelming.

Al Basma Middle East offers a bespoke service, which does all this for you! Whether you need a brand-new install, upgrade to your existing system, or a reliable maintenance contract you can count on, we will guide you through the process.


Fire Protection Engineering Services Qatar

In high-rise Qatar buildings, fire can do a lot of damage - fast. Our systems call the fire department at the first sign of smoke to help keep you and your building safe. Al Basma Engineers provides engineering design & management services for major projects in Qatar for commercial, industrial, residential, and retail.

These engineering services include fire protection engineering, Fire Alarm system services, electrical engineering services, mechanical engineering services, plumbing engineering services.
Al Basma Engineers is established in the field of fire protection engineering. When you hire us, you hire an established engineering firm with years of experience in fire protection engineering working with the best people, technology, and processes in the industry and wider MEP expertise.

Our fire protection services Qatar
As an organization, we have provided fire protection engineering services since 2002 throughout Qatar including for major manufacturing, commercial, residential, hotels, education, healthcare, government, non-profit projects, and environmentally certified assets.

Al Basma Engineers’ team of qualified fire protection engineers is experienced in providing a range of fire protection engineering services for multiple types of fire protection engineering design projects to match a variety of service needs based on the specific sector that you need assistance with. It works closely with the qualified MEP engineering teams as well as our other engineering service teams.