Chairman Message

The Chairman Message

Sincerely Your's ,

Mr. Hamad Walaan Al Hababi,    The Chairman

The word “Basma Mid-East” reflects the very genesis of our Company and represents both the reason of its formation as well as keystone for its sustainability and swift transformation to a leading engineering and contracting company in our domain of expertise.

We have been able to grow both in terms of the portfolio and markets through exploring new horizons as Team “Basma” is an aggregate of management team which shares the same passion, this the power of the people has been driving our Company’s evolution and growth.

“Basma” has developed “niche expertise” in HVAC, Fire Fighting, Electrical as well as Plumbing projects. With a realization for it to be an absolute requirement for maintaining our competitive edge, we continue to enhance our teams professional skills by providing them multifaceted exposure within the industries and markets we serve.

A steady flow of orders from Basma customers is very encouraging sign and a true reflection of their trust and confidence in Basma management’s rich heritage and diversified experience. This recognition is inevitably based on Basma persistent track record in delivering successful projects year after year.

Looking forward, we renew our pledge to remain committed to excellence, keep abreast of innovations, adopt advanced project management and techniques and continue with focused diversification and investment in Qatar and the Middle East. We will continue our tireless pursuit of innovation and global excellence.

I thank all members of Team Basma for their contribution and dedication and our valued customers for their continued trust and confidence.